Blackpool’s TAKEAWAY THIEVES have release their debut single / video “I Wish You Were Dead

Takeaway Thieves – dirty, raunchy grooves and a sleazurely pace…

It’s a sardonic love-song aimed at the elite groups in our society and the way the manipulate world events to suit their own agendas. The title track is taken from the forthcoming EP “This is RocknRoll” out May 2019.

Formed in 2018, Takeaway Thieves are a vigorous hard rock band with the sequinned glamour of a swagger outfit.

Neil Hunter [rhythm guitar ] says: “We exceeded by far the time and effort gone into this e.p and video to bring a true interpretation of Takeaway Thieves and with the first single hopefully get the listener/viewer to check out and educate themselves why the World is the way it is, but primarily dig the groove and good time we provide...”

I Wish You Were Dead” has a dirty, raunchy groove and a sleazurely pace with a seedy ‘n’ trashy style that disguises the hidden motivation : to expose the cheating, scamming, greed-bags who seem to have steered this world to the very edge of apocalypse. There’s some fine song-writing and groovtastic stylism here from out-and-out rock ‘n’ rollers who know their rights-from-wrongs…

Link: https://www.facebook.com/takeawaythieves/

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