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MATT PEARCE & THE MUTINY — Gotta Get Home Review

As a member of the successful hard rock/heavy metal outfit VOODOO SIX the London-based, Glasgow-born guitarist MATT PEARCE, has supported Iron Maiden on tour and appeared in front of tens of thousands of fans around the world.

But a year ago, and emerging from the ribbons of a tired relationship, he found himself at a crossroads in his life: “I felt disobedient… I felt defiant… I felt I had to mutiny…”

I’d always engaged with funkier songs from bands such as Little Feat. Yeah, I enjoyed their sun-washed Southern harmonies but it was the rhythmic grooves in the jams I enjoyed the most.”

And I’d always been a fan of the funkiness of bands such as Gov’t Mule or the gnarlified boogie of Tedeschi Trucks. And I’d grown-up with the sounds of Aerosmith and Chaka Khan. And of course I adored Prince. I loved that these artists could take the blues and give the genre a complex and danceable groove…  Suddenly, I felt the urge to create the same kinds of sounds myself.”

The new album “Gotta Get Home” by Matt Pearce & The Mutiny is the result of this introspection. And what a joy it is…

Album Cover artwork
This will funkfortify your day…

Scarecrowing” is the first video-track from the album [shared below] and will funkfortify your day. It has a bootsy groove and is sufficiently power-packed with everlasting soul to bring your eternal jubilation. A saucy-yum lick is established on lemon-bitter guitar and there’s a crunchy organ that adds depth. The voluptuous beat on this one wraps buxom sinews around your muscles to squeeze your senses dry.

Ordinary Blues” is slightly more jagged with razor-burn rhythms and husky vocals.

While “Like a Hammer” is spruce and fruitful. With a spinning organ and counter-flowing riff. This song blossoms at the chorus, though it retains a dump-down sense of bluesy melancholy.

Portrait of artist
Matt Pearce – A dump-down sense of bluesy melancholy…

Set me Free” is kinda evocative of the fluid euphony created by The Allman Brothers in their day. With distressed and poignant lyrics — this is gritty against the darkest of blue canvasses — yet is a sparkling wonder.

The title track, “Gotta Get Home” is a mudbug gumbo with black snake organ, enthusiastic choir and the best damned glissando-bottleneck this side of the Yazoo River. File this number alongside material by Duane Allman or even Elmore James…

Gotta Get Home by Matt Pearce & The Mutiny is out 3rd May

Words: @neilmach 2019 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/mattpearceguitar/

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