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SAMANTHA FISH — Live in London

We first came across the Missouri bred singer/guitarist SAMANTHA FISH after she’d refined her style  on the Kansas City jam circuit — and later on the road (playing with Cassie Taylor and Dani Wilde) on a year-long tour — back in her “Runaway” days. We thought that her second solo album Black Wind Howlin’ produced by Mike Zito [Royal Southern Brotherhood ] was a “deliciously dark blues album…” and filled with “laser locked guitar-work that [shone] like diamonds…”

The consummate blues artist will release her “Kill Or Be Kind” album on 20th September 2019. “Love Letters” [song shared below] is taken from the new album and has sky-high vocals, oleaginous guitar, pin-sharp rhythms, strong bass and defiant resistance in every breath.

Samantha Fish – the attitude & bearing of a bubbly-blonde silver-screen siren…Photo Credit © Backstage Flash

We saw the artist perform her sell-out live show last night, at London’s legendary venue The Garage supported by the southern-rock act, Curse Of Lono

The evening was hot ‘n’ sweaty and the packed room heaving, but the audience showed no signs of flagging when Sam strutted onto stage with her cigar box guitar and the attitude & bearing of a bubbly-blonde silver-screen siren in black top and leather jeans… we wondered if perhaps she’d be hiding shadowy secrets as she began to grind and fulminate those rusty strings for her new song “Bulletproof.”

Wild Heart” [2015] felt excitingly spontaneous and attractively strong, with bony rhythms, lots of groove and slippery as a bayou-gumbo. The guitar-play on this number sounded mysterious and sinuously eel-like. We all know she plays a mean guitar, but on this song it’s the range and power of her voice that impresses… it adds glower and mystique.

Yeah, she’s hot on every level… this concert was filled incredible vocals, neat songs and lots-and-lots of slick guitar trickery… and yeah it’s also true that everyone’s favorite young blues artist has gotten a whole lot sassier!

The tour continues tonight at THE HAUNT, Brighton and Oxford and Southampton this weekend.

Samantha Fish will release her “Kill Or Be Kind” album on 20th September 2019.


Words: @neilmach 2019 ©

Main image Photo Credit © Zoran Veselinovic


^Denotes songs from the forthcoming album “Kill Or Be Kind”

^^Denotes songs from Samantha’s 2017 album “Belle of the West”.

^^^Denotes songs from her 2017 album “Chills & Fever”

^^^^Denotes songs from her 2015 album “Wild Heart”



^^^Chills and Fever

^^^^Wild Heart

^^^You Can’t Go

^Love Letters

^Watch It Die


^^^Little Baby

^^No Angels

^^Need You More

^^Gone for Good

^^^Somebody’s Always Trying

Shake ‘em on Down

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