Flavia Photo Credit @chamspics

FLAVIA — Damn Life Is Good

The energetic singer, composer and electronic producer FLAVIA via Dublin, Florence, and Los Angeles creates powerful and exhortive musical experiences.

Flavia - filled with the joy of friendship...
Flavia – filled with the joy of friendship…

This January’s music video for Til I Die [shared below] received half a million views in the first month.

And we thought the dilated trauma of “Hateful” last year was “dark, dynamic and emotional...”

But now comes a remedy for all that intolerance with a new single: “Damn Life Is Good”.

The new single starts with a flurry of carousel sounds, a finger-clicking beat, then a sense of drama in natural development. The voice is cold like an icicle, but the palette is sweet enough, though it carries emotional rawness. This unfolds into your heart as you start to feel high on love and filled with the joy of friendship.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/flaviaspeaks/

Main Photo Credit @chamspics


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