Danny Bryant Photo Credit © Rob Blackham

DANNY BRYANT — Means of Escape

The English blues guitarist and singer-songwriter DANNY BRYANT was a child prodigy who shared stages with American blues-rock guitarist Walter Trout aged 17. He formed the RedEye Band with his Dad [Ken Bryant, bass guitarist] and performed with the outfit until Ken’s retirement from touring in 2013. His 2014 album “Temperature Rising” was preceded by a 5-week tour of the US & Canada fronting Walter Trout’s band while Walter recovered from liver transplant surgery. Danny spearheaded a YouCaring campaign (set up by Kirby Bryant, his wife) to get Walter the healthcare he needed.

Means of Escape
Means of Escape

Danny worked with a re-energized Walter Trout on his 2016 studio album “Blood Money” and also worked with his Whitesnake-hero Bernie Marsden (on the track “Just Won’t Burn.”) We thought the album “overflowed with unchecked emotion...” and we gave it 10/10.

The new album: “Means of Escape” — mixed in Nashville by the legendary Eddie Spear (Rival Sons, U2, Chris Stapleton) and mastered at  Abbey Road Studios by Grammy award-winning Sean Magee (Gary Moore, The Rolling Stones) though produced by Bryant himself at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire — conveys the artist’s promise to bring the audience a series of powerful, modern and bold blues-rock songs.

The title will be released September 20, 2019. We had an early listen:

The princely and munificent romp “Tired of Trying” is about the weariness of trying to second-guess one’s own artistic direction. Here the guitar-hero opens the door to pain and doesn’t acknowledge the accomplishments recognized by others. The only applause he requires is found inside the truth. Thus, the voice is crushed-rock & black cherry sours and the guitars — well, the guitars — some of his notes cut like a knife, others blister like burns yielded from a hellish acid, but you can bet that all are given in fullness, perhaps to the point of over-excitement. Let yourself be drowned in a miry whirlpool of emotion.

Danny Bryant
Danny Bryant – the only applause he requires is found inside the truth…

The Claptonesque new single and title track “Means of Escape” [shared below] is about an artist’s harsh relationship with his own music. It sparkles with jewel-like guitar licks that will perhaps remind you of Santana. There’s also some neat piano and very gruff vocals.

The Texas blues number “Nine Lives” kicks in with a flurry of drums and, although the guitar-centric number comes across as an easy boogie, and is studded by a stunning Hammond solo from Stevie Watts, this is about as authentic a blues number as you can ever wish for.

The slide play on “Hurting Time” is evocative and resplendent. The rolling simmer of this number is hypnotic. It’s like slow shoeing yourself across a crazy street filled with maniacs and wondering how you managed to survive the experience.

The album closes with an electric glidewheel of smoothness — the beautiful instrumental “Mya”. This touching and soul-stirring end-piece relieves any feelings of pain, agitation or restlessness found on the other songs, to bring a sense of enlightenment and erudition.

Lickability factor: ten out of ten

Means of Escape is due September 20th. Pre order here

Words: @neilmach 2019 ©

Main Picture Credit:  © Rob Blackham

Link: https://www.facebook.com/dannybryantband/

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