STONEWIRE — Announce Life As We Know It

When we saw Kent’s STONEWIRE at the inaugural C.R.O.W.S. we thought their semi-acoustic show had back-room blues-appeal whilst their full-electric show was probably the heaviest stage performance of the weekend. We thought their singer Sky Hunter possessed one of sootiest and cloudiest voices on the planet… And we said, “If Alannah Myles smoked fifty a day she still wouldn’t be so erotically husky as Sky…

Sky Hunter
Sky Hunter – gnarly & vituperative?

So we’re pleased to hear that they’ve announced a long-awaited new album, after a five-year pause in recording, titled: “Life As We Know It”.

The first single from the album, FTM, is out today 2nd August.

Sky is joined by Gaz Annable (guitar) Duncan Greenway (guitar,) Steve Briggs (bass)  and Rob Glasner (drums) to deliver a brand of dirty, heavy, Southern-style blues-rock.

We write together as a five-piece,” says Sky, “One of us comes in with an idea  and that could be anyone, then we just start joining in and jamming it until a song starts to take shape! It stands us in good stead for the live shows: We have five people with different influences and that makes for some amazing music – and it’s music that all of us are invested in.”

“FTM” (video shared below) is snarly & gnarly with vituperative, twangy guitars that have more clenches and slippery grips than a waiter at an ice party. This number expresses anger rather than tolerance, but why not? And, of course, Sky’s voice is smoking hotter than a gumbo on bull-roast day. Badass !

The full 10-track album is due 1st November 2019.


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