Frank Dursthoff Fotographie

THE NEW ROSES — Nothing But Wild

The Wiesbaden (Germany) band THE NEW ROSES were founded in 2007 by singer Timmy Rough and drummer Urban Berz. Their song “Without A Trace” appeared in the soundtrack of the cult television series: “SONS OF ANARCHY”. This week they released their fourth album (in this incarnation) with : “Nothing but Wild”.

The New Roses Frank Dursthoff Fotographief
New Roses – as heady as going ton-up, full throttle, down the Californian I-5

We fully concentrated on catchy songs with big melodies. Our goal was to record a strong and energetic Rock’n’Roll album without any frills and fillers...” they say.

The album begins with the surprising and hectically bumpy “Soundtrack of my Life” that comes with a percussion storm, heavy and serious riffs and some excited caterwauling. This is a full-throttle number that will bring an adrenaline rush to everyone within earshot… it’s as heady as going ton-up, full throttle, down the Californian I-5.

Generous heat and benevolence is given in “Down by the River” with a package of guitars, cordial licks and some wonderful and nutritious choral work that becomes almost carousing in its unabated heartiness. Not since the days of the Joe Walsh era Eagles have you witnessed something as enthusiastically hopeful and as fulfilling & nutritious as this.

Nothing But The Wild
Nothing But The Wild – As if Jon Bon Jovi had a singalong with the Pure Prairie League…

About the song, singer Timmy Rough says: “Most of the band members grew up near river Rhine. Needless to say that we spent most our youth at the river. A sixpack of beer, a cassette tape deck and a girl you can fall in love with immediately…and the river. That was all we needed. That’s the attitude we put in “Down By The River”. Probably it will be played on any radio at any river and becomes the soundtrack of somebodies summer…”

Glory Road” (shared below) and the second single taken from the album is a no-strings-attached,   rebel shout —relaxed and untethered. It is an easy, mellow rock-out.

It sounds as if Jon Bon Jovi had a singalong with the Pure Prairie League during a cook-out in the summer of ’72.

If you enjoy untroubled country-rock and riding a wild-hog with the wind in your hair and a roll-up in your hand, and you’ve a hankering for country-tinged wholesome sounds that smell of grease and gasoline… try this free-spirited and free-ranging offering from The New Roses. You won’t be disappointed.

Photography credit: Frank Dursthoff Fotographie
Words: @neilmach 2019 ©


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