GALLERY47 — Rolling Tight

If you hanker for wistful tales of woe a la Dylan then you will enjoy the offerings from the Nottingham UK alt-folk jongleur (currently based in London) who calls himself GALLERY47 —  though he’s actually named Jack Peachey.

GALLERY 47 Photo Credit Russ Clark
GALLERY 47 – vividly touching… Photo Credit Russ Clark

Gal” makes his 2019 debut on the vividly touching upcoming album: “Chaos Ensued” — out 23rd August 2019 via Jack’s own Bad Production Records.

The singer-songwriter possesses an almost saintly falsetto voice as he sings beat-poet numbers about issues such as tackling depression and confronting inner doubts. The new single: “Rolling Tight” [check stream below] has a seventies-style jauntiness with electric piano elements and a portion of fizzy guitar. It’s like something twinkly by The Cure in their early eighties heyday, but accompanied by Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards on guitars…

Want something that brings an ache of yearning but is fresh enough to light your day? Try this!

File alongside: Jeff Hanson, Elliott Smith



August 21 – The Bedford, London
August 27 – The Night & Day, Manchester
August 29 – Jam Cafe, Nottingham
September 3 – Ronnie Scotts, London
September 9 – The Spice of Life, London
October 5 – Rough Trade, Nottingham
October 18 – The Islington, London
October 27 – Herbert Kilpin, Nottingham

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