QUIREBOYS — to go Orchestral

The effervescent and ever-young English hard rock outfit QUIREBOYS who formed in 1984 and have released over a dozen albums across a distinguished career that has extended from a schoolfriend schoolband to supporting The Rolling Stones and playing the Tokyo Dome on New Year’s Eve, have now set themselves an exciting new challenge: a special project aptly named, “Orchestral Quireboys

Orchestral Quireboys
Orchestral Quireboys – perfecting arrangements & rehearsing songs

A special show will be created, rehearsed and staged as a double date event that will take place at the O2 Forum Kentish Town, London next September and will be supported by the new HRH Hell Raiser funding platform.

Spike, Guy, Paul & Keith say: “It’s something we know we can pull off, but it will take an incredibly long time, not to mention patience, perfecting the arrangements and rehearsing the songs.”

However, in every way possible it will be totally worth it, what’s more, all fans who help us reach our target will get the only copies in the world of the show on vinyl or CD…

This means a lot to all of us and we really want to make it a show like no other. If you feel you can help us make it a reality, please please get involved.

Support the Quireboys Fully Orchestral campaign here:

Link: https://www.facebook.com/quireboys

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