INME — Glasgow Classic Grand Show

InMe: Classic Grand, Glasgow- 10th of September

Delivering music that resonates takes time. Evolving as a band takes years. Essex stalwarts InMe are an act of true resilience and longevity… a beaming beacon of determination and love for what they do, and it shows intensely through their live performances.

The Next Song - INME
The Next Song – INME

The band also alert us of the troubles they face through the highly evocative music. These troubles are instilled in the lyrics from front-man Dave McPherson, who doesn’t play on his woes but highlights them as hardships. Throughout his tenure on the microphone, he’s sung his heart out, and has never languished but, ultimately, reveled in such frantic situations. On the live circuit, the whole set-up is poignant and breakneck at times, but wholesomely compelling, and in Glasgow, the band fell into their true state of character.

Truth be told, Glasgow is a fiery cultural hub. A city brimming with clubs and pubs, dives and bars, dreams and drunken antics. It is a city that is monumental in many respects, with its many landmarks and a friendly atmosphere. When people talk of Glasgow, they express fondness. They highlight its musical flair and drama, its character, and its boundless energy. And on the 10th Of September, InMe stopped off to play a modest venue in the Classic Grand. The band has played the Classic Grand before. It’s a tiny room with a big heart. A venue of sincere charisma. Playing here, optimizes a band’s sound, and gives the crowd a chance to get up close. This is fundamental to an act like InMe. They’re social, they’re friendly, and their sound fits the framework of a room steeped in history.

INME Jumpstart Hope Tour
INME Jumpstart Hope Tour

Up first, though, was OXYGEN THIEF, an act which dazzle musically. Their ingenuity and true workmanship as well as their musicianship, came into play. The set was blistering and thought provoking, prompting many to stand and connect. This act, has been playing underground venues for a while, naturally blooming every night. Big things could happen for Oxygen Thief.

Second act, LEBROCK brought a stylish musical vibe. They’re not a typical act for a rock show, but their brand of electronic flair lit up the room in an array of colors. Throughout their set, people became enthralled and glued to the vibrancy and diversity. Not an immaculate showpiece, but one that will stick in the memory.

InMe traveled onto the stage and immediately threw down the gauntlet with their new single Blood Orange Lake. The fresh track is a piece of intelligence personified. McPherson sang beautifully, securing the crowd in a trance. Although the band wanted to play all night, there was a strict curfew attached to the night. So, the tracks came thick and fast. Songs such as the mesmerizing Firefly and I Won’t Let Go gripped the captivated audience. One song came as a surprise, though: the subtle song, Escape To Mysteriopa showcased the vocal range from McPherson, and the band’s softer side. It is a truly emotive crowd pleaser.

After the indulgent inclusion, InMe stepped up a gear and began to play tracks including Herald Moth number Single Of The Weak, which is a song that rails against commercialism and the tainted mainstream. As well as this louder contribution, the band played yet another new song aptly named The Next Song [see video shared below] This track showcases the band’s new direction, a pathway to melodic dreams. It is another emotional heart-puller.

Throughout the shortened set, InMe were professional and astute. Their vision was implemented. Their music immense. And as a band of talented musicians, they seem to play effortlessly. On this occasion, they embarked on creating an intense night full of love and music. Kudos to the mainstay act…

Words: Mark Mcconville 2019 ©



Blood Orange Lake
Single of the Weak
I Won’t Let Go
The Next Song
Escape To Mysteriopa
Angels With Snipers
The Leopard
7 Weeks
Cracking the Whip
Rogue Waves
Her Mask (P.A)
For Something to Happen
Faster the Chase

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