COLLATERAL Photo Credit Rob Nankivell


The Cannock-based five-piece rock band PISTON and the Kent-based four-piece country-rock outfit COLLATERAL join forces this September/October to co-headline an exciting UK tour that kicks off at Leicester’s The Musician today Sept 12th — and finishes at Leo’s Red Lion, Gravesend, Kent on October 4th  

Tickets are available from Ticket Source via plus &

PISTON will release their new self-titled album on Friday 13th September 2019 and we’ve described it as overflowing with “intelligent energy…

If you like your rock to be serious, loud and energizing, perhaps stoic without being hard-nosed, and you miss the golden days of 1970s — Free, Montrose, and Black Diamond era Kiss — this band is very definitely for you.

Meanwhile, COLLATERAL‘S style of melodic Americana and country-style rock reminds us of the impeccable compositional quality and eager, clean-living energy found on the late-1970s Eagles albums. This bunch of groovy, hairy guys are so freakin’ sweet & cool they have to be seen to be believed. They might resemble a bunch of decadent, glam-metal, throw-away freaksters but they’re actually quite sophisticated and you are gonna love them.

Collateral recently won a competition out of 20,000 bands to play the Electric Ballroom main stage at Camden Rocks Festival. And the band made it thru the competition to play the Jon Bon Jovi Mediterranean Cruise in the summer…

If you like smokin’ and tuneful melodies alongside hacking-great riffs & exciting rhythms, this band is for you.


Main Image: COLLATERAL Photo Credit Rob Nankivell

Stand Up Shout It Out Tour
Stand Up Shout It Out Tour

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