CAFOLLA — 1985

The Scottish artist Marco Cafolla aka CAFOLLA [keyboards from the Federation of the Disco Pimp] has delivered his debut solo single titled “1985” via Dusty Reel Records that’s taken from the upcoming “Cowboys & Africans” recording. Clearly, he’s stimulated by all things eighties…

CAFOLLA -unquestionably contagious…

1985” immediately swishes you via tinfoil time-machine into a synth-melting backyard Band Aid party with a bunch of your parachute-panted ‘n’ penny-loafer shod Phil Collins and Tears For Fears pals.

This new single unites bounding beats with disorderly guitars and stirring immersive acoustics to produce a sound that is unquestionably contagious as well as being highly nostalgic. The clearheaded emotional voice feels redolent of Prince or Jamiroquai and this is a smoothly spirited accomplishment.


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