Wille and the Bandits

WILLE & THE BANDITS — Victim Of The Night + Tour Dates

WILLE & THE BANDITS will release their new single ‘Victim of the Night’ this Friday 4th October. The release coincides with the annunciation of a February-April 2020 UK Tour (see tour poster below)

WILLE & THE BANDITS – unifying

Wille & The Bandits set forth, right from the start of their project, to embrace musical diversity… which is why fans find their music so attractive. They espouse the heart and soul, the hungriness & feats of the late 60’s and 70’s music scene, to create high-energy rock ‘n’ roll that incorporates plenty of modern-day touches, while unifying elements of world music, dance music and even hip-hop to produce something that’s truly unique.

We described their album “Paths” as “ingenious” as it “re-evaluates & absorbs the best reflections of the late 60s and 70s [with] songs that have the same  free-spirited enthusiasm [of] Country Joe and the Fish.

The psychedelic wonder “Victim of the Night” was one of our favorite tracks from the 2019 album and reminded us of something we might have found on Red Octopus — and, yeah, we do mean way-back in ’75. The song includes guest vocals from the West County singer/songwriter Alex Hart and an unfolding organ. It’s a smoldering paean to a venomous existence, with pin-point guitars that twist on knife-edge of rhythms. This number has staggering breadth of vision.


Paths by Wille and the Bandits is OUT NOW

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