CHELSEA + THE PHOBICS — To Launch Punk Rock N Roll Art Show

The Phobics  are a vintage punk band formed in Deptford in 1999 by a bunch of punk subsisters and self-reliant individualists who have a passion for rock n roll and are disgusted with the self-satisfaction and complacency of the 21st century music scene…

CHELSEA & THE PHOBICS will be performing at the opening of this year’s Punk Rock N Roll Art Show…

Now in their twentieth year together they say they’ve been “washed in the blood of rock n roll, blow-torched the sacrament and written [their] songs in ashes.” Their new album “Burnt Rubber” recorded over two half-day sessions in the summer of ’19 is the evidence of their plucky, no-nonsense style. Their sound and fluency is based upon the mode & manner of their major influences: the Stooges, the Dolls and MC5.

THE PHOBICS will be performing at the opening of this year’s Punk Rock N Roll Art Show in London… an art exhibition featuring work “from musicians of the Punk Rock & Roll persuasion.”

The exhibition is open- Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th and Monday 11th November from noon till 7pm (free entry) with a special party on Friday 8th November -6.30-1am with live music. The opening party promises to be a memorable night with a bunch of surprise performances and some great music throughout, from DJ Jeff Munday.

Also promised for the opening show are the original 1976 punk and rollers CHELSEA plus Bermondsey’s Spizz Energi.

Now in its sixth year, the artshow has built a solid reputation for hosting exclusive, new art offered by musicians from various punk, rock & roll bands. This year’s highlight is likely to be a floor standing sculpture entitled ‘Born A Rocker, Die A Rocker’ by The Highliners vocalist Luke Morgan.

Gavin Jay ( of Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind)  has also created a series of limited edition, 3-D shadow box collages inspired by the work of Max Ernst and Joseph Cornell.

Next Week: 8 Nov at 18:30 – 11 Nov at 01:00
At The Underdog, London
Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, SE1 3JW London

More details here:

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