Dirty Vertebrae


DIRTY VERTEBRAE are a post-melodic ska-funk/groove/rap outfit from the northwest of England whose gregarious and wise music is impregnated with the kind of tasty hip-hop that has a politically conscious backbone.

Formed in Northwich Cheshire in 2012, the band draws influences from the late 1990s funk metal and rap rock of the West Coast; and boasts rapper Ash P and vocalist Nicole who perform their politically strong vocals over the band’s signature sound (comprising drummer Scott, bassist Gaz and guitarist Chris) that consists of sick beats and luscious melodies that rise from a strata of chumbling, purposeful rock.

Dirty Vertebrae
Dirty Vertebrae – the rhythms collide with the melody like a confetti cannon fired — close range — into the face…

Dirty Vertebrae’s new 3-track EP ‘TENSE’ is released this week — Friday 6th December — via The Animal Farm. The E.P. comes with a video release for ‘NEWS AT 10’ — the first single to be taken from the disc.

For this release,” say the band, “We’ve re-thought the way we write music: perfecting the core elements of the band’s style and adding some creative experimentation with tasteful synth tones while maintaining our true niche — dual vocals, conscious rap and melodic post grunge. TENSE is not only a release of tension, but pays attention to the past, present and future...”

NEWS AT 10 is a satirical swipe at news reporting. We’re so sick of only seeing negativity in the news, so decided to create our own off-the-cuff news broadcast within the video. To do this, we captured improvised footage on location and at our rehearsal space using nothing but a humble phone and green screen. Headlines range from the depressive to the ridiculous...”

The single is stuffed with ironic, pun-laden wordplay, with overarching female vocals and squelchy riffs. The rhythms collide with the melody like a confetti cannon fired — close range — into the face of one of those cosmetically glossy (but otherwise vacuous) anchor’s you might see over at Fox News. This is not only a very effective slice of social criticism, it is also a piece of rewarding and completely intoxicating ‘n’ very danceable rock gratification. So, calm your thirst for political commentary by enjoying an excellent gift…

Seek out this incredibly effective sound that comes with a timely message when it’s released on 6th December…

While you wait for the new release, check out last year’s Bizkitty track Mr Manager shared below.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/DirtyVertebrae/

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