NOBLE JACKS — This Is Real

The South-Coast UK, Brighton-based, hi-energy roots, folk and Americana band, NOBLE JACKS have revealed the brand-new lyric video for the track, ‘This is Real’ that’s taken from their second studio album ‘Stay Awake’ (March 2019.)

Noble Jacks
Noble Jacks – the melody plunges into the earth like a spiraling moth caught in depression…

The band has had a great year, with the vocalist / violinist Will Page nominated for the UK Instrumentalist of the Year award at the UK Americana Awards 2020.

About the new track “This is Real” Will and Matty say: “We’re really excited to share this new video, which shows a slightly alternative side to Noble Jacks.”

The song is really about meeting your hero and plucking the courage to talk to them, fantasizing about befriending them. It’s about realizing we’re all just human, and the come down to earth: a bit like when we get home from awesome shows across the country.”

The clearly defined bluster of the rhythm gives way to guitar jangle and some greasy-thumbed bass notes as the melody plunges into the earth like a spiraling moth caught in depression because it has yet to find moonshine. Yep, this is not a jig or a frolic… instead, it is a thoughtful and darkly foreshadowed testimony to departure and digression. It’s about the disconnect we all face.

If you’re looking for a contemporary, skilled, indie-rock roots sound that has the power to address social problems… the NOBLE JACKS might be your cup of seaweed.

File alongside: Rusty Shackle or roots duo Show of Hands.


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