anchor lane

ANCHOR LANE — Casino Lyric Video

Glasgow heavy rock four-piece ANCHOR LANE have released the lyric video to their single ‘Casino’ – taken from the debut album of the same name. The album will be released on Friday 31st January.

Anchor Lane
Anchor Lane – extra-sensory vibration…

The first single, taken from the album, a social commentary on fame, social networks and reality, was a noisy rock bulge, with thick chords, solidly thumbs and throaty vocals.

On the new single, the title track taken from the album, the black-edged shields of bulky bass and the darkly venomous guitar create an extra-sensory vibration from the outset on what promises to be a rather wolfish growler. But, in reality, the song’s a chortle… with a funky little characteristic riff. The voice is stoic, but not completely devoid of emotion… maybe this is about redemption rather than reaction.

Main image: Photo Credit © Dougie Souness

Casino is out Jan 31st 2020

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