BULLION — We Had A Good Time

The West London singer/songwriter & producer (currently based in Lisbon) Nathan Jenkins aka BULLION has shared the title-track from his upcoming EP “We Had A Good Time” due 28th February via DEEK Recordings.

It follows his previous single, Hula in that it incorporates the same kind of jaunty, cheery, pop-formula that comes bolstered with cantorial synths and plenty of counterfeit carioca polyrhythms.

Nathan Jenkins
Nathan Jenkins – We Had a Good Time – cantorial synths

Co-written with Diego Herrera (Suzanne Kraft) “We Had A Good Time” was recorded during a giddy spring in Lisbon, under the shadow of an “hallucinogenic Datura tree…” in the garden of Nathan’s home studio.

Thus, it comes filled with breathy lungfuls of voice and clappering sprockets of rhythm and has a overall jazzy feel that is offered-up in the best traditions of Jan Hammer.

The EP is Bullion’s latest pop output since curating 4 Down, a covers compilation in an ongoing series that’s becoming a calling card for many of Nathan’s collaborations.

Check the new track below

Link: https://www.facebook.com/bullionness/

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