Noble Jacks

NOBLE JACKS — Stay Awake

The South-Coast UK, Brighton-based, hi-energy roots, folk and Americana band NOBLE JACKS (consisting of Will Page on vocals, fiddle, guitar & mandolin and Matt Deveson on guitar)will release a new recording package at The end of the month brings four additional tracks to their second album titled ‘Stay Awake’ (originally released as a ten-track last March) and develops existing songs to bring out their famous “live” pungency and vibrancy. This luxury new package will launch on Friday, March 27, 2020.

Noble Jacks
Noble Jacks – an easygoing swing & chatty rhythms…

Recent single, “Enjoy The Ride” is a gratifying scamper, with loose beats and roving guitar sounds. The voices are spirited and the whole piece is filled with lively stylization.

This is Real” has a battery of wild drums and long guitars. It is smooth and highly polished with tangled, yet bespangled, voices and melancholic lyrical content. Yup, this is remarkably euphonious!

What Did You Say?” is a wicker basket full of  brilliantly counter-shafting beats, a bundle of cleverly louvered guitars, redoubtable vocals, and auspicious energy.

This Rose” is more conventionally folksy, with homespun poetry, an easygoing swing and very chatty rhythms. This is modest but totally fabulous! The violin towards the end gives the track a moving air.

New Beginning” breaks into energy with a sparkling riff and encouraging percussion. But, notwithstanding the positive start, this is actually quite reflective… it’s a song about starting over. Thus, there’s down-to-earth harp-play and honest to goodness chords that play along with a workaday spirit. Top work!

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

The deluxe edition of the Noble Jacks’ sophomore album ‘Stay Awake’ will be released on Friday 27th March, 2020 via Noble Ground Records

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