Shapeshifting Satriani

JOE SATRIANI — Shapeshifting

The world-renowned guitar virtuoso JOE SATRIANI brought together a wide range of music collaborators for his new studio album, titled “Shapeshifting” — set for release next week, April 10th 2020 via Sony Music/Legacy Recordings.

What the white-linen and sockless loafer decade was really like…

Notable guests include: legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty), bassist Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction), and keyboardist Eric Caudieux who formed the core of the studio band with additional contributions from Lisa Coleman (The Revolution) & Christopher Guest.

The cosmic powered “Nineteen Eighty” ( video shared below) harnesses the energy of aerobic exercise, the perfect fit of spandex, the colour & bravado of sleek Miami-style Art Deco trim, and the unadulterated glamour of the slick shoulder squadsters to bring you a perceptive taste of what the white-linen and sockless loafer decade was really like..

And if you love garbling wha-wha, squelching licks and plenty of lucid, happy, whammy-bar action — with notes that seem warped into photomontages of their former selves — my-oh-my are you gonna lurve this!

Big Distortion” is a jam that has a familiar, growly riff and a reassuringly classic, sourdough rock ‘n’ roll groove. This number exudes positivity and undated charm with warm tones, home-crafted rhythms and natty melody.

Experiencing it is like meeting a glamorous Mud rocker and a greasy Quo fan outside the Jazz Cafe for one last late-night boogie. Yeah, it shouldn’t work, but it really, really does.

Pre order now: Shapeshifting by Joe Satriani

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