Malena Zavala

MALENA ZAVALA — Memories Gone

The notions of MALENA ZAVALA are based on a backdrop of psychedelic, fluid and dreamy pop that seems to have been influenced by artists such as: Beach House or Tame Impala.

Now comes news of her forthcoming second album, titled “La Yarará” to be released April 17th on Yucatan Records and with it a new and mournful song titled ‘Memories Gone’ (shared below) — about losing one’s memory of someone dear, and based on a 60’s-era folk-ballad.

Malena Zavala Memories Gone Photo by Sofia Boriosi
Malena Zavala Memories Gone – pellucid… Photo by Sofia Boriosi

Zavala, who was born in Argentina but grew up in Hertfordshire says: “I wrote it when making my first album, but I wanted to tie it all in with the Latino feel of La Yarará so I stripped it back to vocals and guitar added a ronroco arrangement…

The ronroco is an Andean ten stringed guitar-like instrument that has a slight echo and somehow creates its own reverb, and I love the way it sounds on the track.”

It’s icy-clear, fluid with jellified guitar, pellucid vocals and seems as gossamer fragile and as transitory as a mayfly chasing a rainbow. Elusive and meditational.

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©


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