Emily Magpie

EMILY MAGPIE — Sounds Of Reillanne

To celebrate the release of her powerful debut album “Let’s Talk About The Weather” the Bristol, England,  dream-pop artist & producer EMILY MAGPIE has now shared her transcendent new single “Sounds of Reillanne” — out now.

Emily Magpie
Emily Magpie – a voice of reverberation & jingle…

The album, “Let’s Talk About the Weather”  discusses our connection to each other, nature and ourselves in a time of climate crisis.

I wanted to make an album which sounds on the surface like alt-pop music, and is full of collected sounds from our times and the world around us,” Emily explains.

I feel like there’s a lot of hope and a yearning to connect to something deeper, and reassess what’s important, but also dark undertones of where we could be headed if we don’t wake up and change.”

“Let’s Talk About The Weather” exemplifies Emily’s unique ability to create a brilliant spatial aesthetic that shines infinitely, while swirling electronics and effervescent melodies intertwine. Emily’s wonderfully rich vocalization rises effortlessly over organic textures, creating a sound that is alluring and mesmerizing. Sylvan Esso fans will feel right at home here. And so will Lemonade-era Beyoncé fans — due to the cross-genre, song-cycle, nature of the piece and those breathtaking vocals that are always fragilely linked to an alluring, transcendental conceptuality.

Sounds of Reillanne” (Reillanne is one of those typical little Provençal villages, perched on a hill matured by the sun) — the song brings gelid synths, pyroclastic beats, crackles of something that perhaps was once forgotten but now, of course, is properly remembered; and a voice of reverberation and jingle.

This pulses on the speckled rays like a sunbird on the flitter.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/EmilyMagpie1/

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