Liz Lawrence

LIZ LAWRENCE — California Screaming

LIZ LAWRENCE has released a brand new single titled ‘California Screaming’.

Liz Lawrence
Liz Lawrence – the exalted voice rises to characterize the essence of uneasiness…

Her melodious and inspiring solo album ‘Pity Party’ was released by the London-based indie-pop artist last October.

It was stuffed with a plethora of songs that identified the disillusioned anxiety that we carry in modern life, and it espoused a narrative related to her own experience, as well as the lives of the other twenty-something around her who are trying to do their best to deal with this flat-packed and complex world we live in, although apparently, we’ve lost the instructions on how to fix it.

California Screaming’ expands on such topics as it analyzes the anxiety-inducing and addictive cycle of global news that, during this current crisis, seems to bring more harm than good.

Liz says: “I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant in Pomona, California, watching Fox News on the TV screens, one on every wall. The onslaught of disaster news, about killer bees and rapidly escalating deaths from vaping, kicked off a 10-day anxiety attack that didn’t subside until I landed back in London. I remember thinking that if I stayed in that world of breaking news, I would never be able to leave the house.”

With a scragged and snicking set of rhythms, the exalted voice rises to characterize the essence of uneasiness, while succulent orchestrations daub curative balm on the piece to bring a lasting feeling of emollience..

For fans of: Anna Of The North, Little Scream


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