Washed Out


The mellow American chill-wave, dream-pop singer/songwriter and record producer Ernest Greene pseudonymously known as WASHED OUT was one of many artists who found themselves in a state of disarrayed abeyance last month after widespread cancellations and unexpected restrictions. In Greene’s case, the first effect was cancelling a long-planned music video shoot in Italy, where he was set to collaborate with an international team of film-makers on the appropriately titled new song “Too Late”.

Washed Out
If you’re missing pure air breezes and warming sunset vibes… this is for you…

In response, Greene took the opportunity to engage with his fans, and to launch a cooperative & imaginative project for the new Washed Out song. The result is a gorgeous music video (see below) that impacts upon every corner of this saddened globe…

I’d spent months planning a music video for a new song. My inspiration was a Mediterranean sunset I saw late last year, and the plan was to shoot on the coast of Italy with a team of UK and European collaborators...” he says.

I put up an IG post asking for fans to help me come up with the raw footage I had in mind […] I was blown away by the response, and I’m excited to share the project with everyone now. For me, it’s turned out to be a much needed reminder of how connected we can all be when we’ve never been more physically distanced from each other.”

Set upon a scrumptious pillow-lace of sounds, with lots of mellisonant “woos” and some hearty, percussive clunks, the voice is chilled, beautiful and uplifting. If you’re missing pure air breezes and warming sunset vibes… this is for you.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/washed.out/

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