Thirteen Stars

THIRTEEN STARS — Finest Ramshackle Jam

Those lovable, dust-covered & thoroughly roustabout Cumbrian rockers THIRTEEN STARS are about to release a set of their hunky-doriest & tumble-downiest, country-swing numbers on a new album titled “Finest Ramshackle Jam” due out 19 June 2020 via Rock People Music.

Thirteen Stars
Gravel vocals & the chirr-twang of moonshiner guitars…

With Hoss’s abrasive lead vocals (think: loose asphalt and gravel) and the chirr-twang sound of moonshiner guitars, “Running So Long” is altogether solid, with brilliantly executed, lumberman rhythms and wide-open, pastureland scope. The heartbroken guitars on this lend a touch of restless insecurity.

Meanwhile “Mint Jelly” (video shared below) is dizzy. With a disreputable beat that’s kinda redolent of the depravity that ZZ Top once brought (despite being communicated with the constipated croakiness you’d expect from Robert Zimmerman on a guttural day) this is mighty fine.

So is this album a blast of bronco-busting, cow-leeching, mule-kicking, boom-shine? Oh yes , . . in fact it’s smoother than a slug of pappy’s home-brewed white lightning and twice as strong.


File alongside: Blackberry Smoke, The Black Crowes

Main Image photo credit: Ami Barwell


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