KANSAS —Throwing Mountains

The legendary “Carry On Wayward Son” American arena-rock band KANSAS formed in 1970 when existing members of Reasons Why / Saratoga merged with the progressive rock group White Clover to create a prog-rock superband.

They hit national radio prominence in the early 1970’s when their boogie rock and overtly symphonic textures came to characterize what was to become known as radio orientated “heartland rock.”

The Absence of Presence

The band have now launched a new video for “Throwing Mountains” — the first track to be taken from a new album titled “The Absence of Presence” scheduled for release on 26 June 2020.

Throwing Mountains (video shared below) might be one of the heaviest songs KANSAS has ever recorded,” said KANSAS guitarist Zak Rizvi,

At over six minutes long, I like to consider it a bit of a KANSAS mini-epic.”

Rizvi wrote the music for the song with lyrics by KANSAS keyboardist Tom Brislin and drummer Phil Ehart.

Brislin commented, “It’s very straight forward, ‘get your confidence going, take on any obstacle, conquer the world’ song. It’s pretty timely in the world, today.”

The song is so much fun to play,” added bassist Billy Greer. “The riff is like ‘Thunder of the Gods’ but dynamic at the same time.”

This is much heavier and more multifaceted than you might expect from a 1970s AOR band… in fact, we think it will draw-in Porcupine Tree fans with its gnawing basslines, pungent synths, and skewer-like changes of direction in the melodic experimentation. The track is packed with awesome guitar licks, windburned keys, and of course the band’s stand-out and ever-burnished vocals. This is a generous piece of amazingly rich-textured and awesomely seductive prog rock…

File alongside: Rush, Steven Wilson

The Absence of Presence will be released on June 26, 2020 but can be PRE-ORDERED NOW

Link: https://www.facebook.com/KansasBand/

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