WHITACRE — Seasons

Fusing elements of Americana, folk and rock, WHITACRE have become one of Denver’s fastest rising bands, selling out shows with Mt. Joy, Wild Child and Birdtalker, and playing legendary music venues such as Red Rocks and The Bluebird Theater, and accumulating half a million streams on Spotify.

Whitacre – pattering & wistful piquancy…

With their release of Seasons, the four-piece (comprising Paul Whitacre on lead vocals & rhythm guitar, Chase Perry on banjo, Mark Cunningham on drums and Joe Fishel on bass) are positioned to bring their “mountain rock” to audiences around the world.

Seasons” the Colorado band’s first full-length album was produced by Joe Richmond (Tennis, Churchill) and mixed by Yuuki Matthews (The Shins) and marks the first time that Whitacre has recorded in a large space where they found creative freedom to experiment with new ideas, marking an evolution from their 2018 EP Within The Mountains’ Shadows.

They never intended to record a full album, as frontman Paul Whitacre suggests: “We went in with two complete songs and came out with a 10 song LP. It’s almost like there was a story that HAD to be told, and it wasn’t up to us to decide when that happened.”

A metaphor for the different phases of life, Seasons helped the band process the concept of there being something to use and learn from each season and experience. The message of the album goes along with the band’s mission: “We have a burning desire to tell a story that isn’t often told in the music industry today. One of redemption and restoration.”

The single “Here, Again” has a pattering and wistful piquancy that seems to wind around the listener’s heartstrings. This is lyrically expressive and viscerally empathetic with beautiful guitar streamers and lush arrangements.

The testamentary number “Between Dreams” (shared below) feels more face to face. Expertly, almost unconsciously, fingered… this is bone dry, but ready to live again once the water of life has quenched and revitalized.

Seasons by Whitacre is OUT NOW

Link: https://www.facebook.com/whitacreband/

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