NAYANA IZ — Walking / Final Hour

19 year old NAYANA IZ is one of the UK’s most detonative emerging talents – this weekend she shared a fresh Double A side release – ‘Walking’ / ‘Final Hour’ via Different Recordings. The tracks are taken from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Smoke & Fly’ due June 16th.

Walking / Final Hour
Walking /Final Hour

Born in London but made in India,” NAYANA makes music infused with the vital flavors of both cultures.

Raised in North London, her musical education was a melting pot of everything she saw around her – jazz, pop and indie through to hip-hop and soul.

As soon as she could start creating her own sounds, she amalgamated the fibre of Indian language and dance (she is currently learning Hindi as well as classical Indian dance) with various popular styles that are designed to empower girls (particularly from her native land) and urge them to discover their own authentic voice and expression.

About ‘Walking’ she says it’s about: “that feeling when you go for a walk with no set destination to head towards… you just go where feels right in the moment. That time off where the stress finally falls off your head and you just roam and take your surroundings in without a messy mind.”

It puts me in that same mindset of when I was a kid and saw so many possibilities in everything I looked at, like the flowers being as tall as the tress. I used to write loads of stories those days and ‘Walking’ feels like it’s one of them.”

While ‘Final Hour’ tells a contrasting and semidark story – Nayana says, “It’s the final hour before it all changes, the new beginning. Dealt with liars and fake friends, now their reign is over… They timed our success to be short lived now theirs has run out...”

With wonky keysounds and groggy rhythms, the voice crests from a springy hammock of smooth yet superbly expedited rap… to bring something that’s as eloquent as it is multifaceted and, of course, brilliantly insightful. This is multilayered engrossment. Crackerjack!




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