Stealing Signs


The Essex based top-notch art-pop hotshots STEALING SIGNS have shared their new song titled ‘The Coast’  — a sunshiny, yet sarcastic, put-down of our disunited society from the upcoming album Somewhere Between. The new video (shared below) has now been released.

Stealing Signs
Stealing Signs – the chartreuse ‘n’ peacock-blue chorus brings scrumptious feelings of cheery rejoice…

It’s a super-jaunty fun-filled road-trip of a number, with sunshine-spirit (oh, how easy it is to dampen that vibe, huh?) and lots of happified Caribbean punch.

There are break away chips of sound that splinter rather alluringly in the mix, but its the chartreuse ‘n’ peacock-blue chorus that brings the most scrumptious feelings of cheery rejoice and heartwarming innocence.

Yep, this is exuberant, without being schmaltzy

The Coast by Stealing Signs out now


File alongside: Vampire Weekend, Everything Everything


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