HOPE WAIDLEY — It Rains In Michigan

The seraphic and beguiling 20-year-old indie/alternative singer/songwriter HOPE WAIDLEY is from a small town in Michigan, U.S.A.

Hope Waidley
Hope Waidley – a crystal candy ‘n’ cracked-varnish voice…

We loved last years “sparkling joy and radiant scatters…Born Again which we described as like witnessing, “ drops of sunlight through a church chandelier...

Now she releases a new single, “It Rains In Michigan” that speaks of her home and brings truth in her uniquely sleepy, crystal candy ‘n’ cracked-varnish voice.

The song tells of Hope’s first experience falling in love, so it is naked and fervent, with a  verity that  enkindles the sense of uncertainty, joyfulness and even disruption that new love brings. The single  demonstrates  Hope’s characteristic distinctiveness.

This song is very, very special to me,” she says. “Written when feelings were new […] Day by day we were becoming more comfortable with these feelings and the opportunity we were given. I didn’t know much, but I was certain when it came to how I felt about this person — I knew I was in love, I just wasn’t prepared or ready. “It Rains In Michigan” is much of my thought process in the beginning of this beautiful, crazy experience.

There’s a patter of tappity beats as the voice — of splintered husks and crumbled seashells — is exquisitely yielded in soft curls of satinpod sincerity. Wondevelousome!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/HopeWaidleyMusic/

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