The Michigan born, 20 year old singer-songwriter HOPE WAIDLEY has released her newest single “Born Again” with an accompanying video [shared below]:

HOPE WAIDLEY – cracked-varnish voice

She explains: “It’s about being present and thinking to myself ‘if it was my first day on earth, I wouldn’t be in a rush to understand everything.’ It was a reminder to trust, have patience and embrace everything day by day.”

There’s dry optimism in the moderately paced rhythm before the sleepy, cracked-varnish voice brings us sparkling joy that radiantly scatters, like drops of sunlight, from a church chandelier.

This is like witnessing rock crystal candy formed from solar ash… right before your eyes!

A unique and gently tinted piece of everyday heaven.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/HopeWaidleyMusic/

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