YES Relayer Tour

YES — To The Moment

The legendary Prog Rock band YES have revealed four previously unreleased 2010 recordings, on the new ‘From A Page’ five-piece mini-box set, personally overseen by ex-member Oliver Wakeman. The box features two booklets and three discs containing the four studio tracks and Live From Lyon 2009, all of which were recorded by the line-up of Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Benoit David and Oliver Wakeman:

1. To The Moment (6:09)
2. Words on a Page (6:18)
3. From the Turn of a Card (3:24)
4. The Gift of Love (9:52)

Oliver Wakeman has personally overseen the preparation of the previously unreleased recordings which were mixed by Karl Groom and mastered by Mike Pietrini.

From A Page’
The chorus billows like a sailcloth caught in the wind…

Steve Howe says: “Good music never goes away or lays down to the commercial pressures that exist. Oliver’s compositions, “To the Moment”, “Words on a Page” and “From the Turn of a Card” demonstrate his musicality and talents, while “The Gift of Love” explores the collaborative essence of Yes, pooling ideas and then working together on its arrangement, whilst utilising all of its many themes and variations.”

Karl Groom and Roger Dean both contributed their skills towards making this a worthy further ‘page’ in Yes’ long and diverse musical adventures.

The mini box set comes as YES prepare to embark upon a major tour, following the Cruise To The Edge dates 2020, playing the “Relayer” album in its entirety, plus other choice cuts.

To The Moment” has been released as a single (video shared below): it has velvet-textured ripples of synth, coiling ropes of guitar and the Benoît vocals are almost identical to Anderson’s in pitch, clarity and aesthetic nuance. This is old-style,  in other words:  imaginative without being flowery and pleasing without being hyperbolic. The chorus billows like a sailcloth caught in the wind, and the moog solo, that sees the song waft away at the end, is classic Wakeman (senior or junior) After this, you’ll know, they “don’t want you to feel alone...”

The current band line-up is Steve Howe – guitars, backing vocals, Alan White – percussion, backing vocals, piano, Geoff Downes – keyboards, backing vocals, Billy Sherwood – bass and Jon Davison – lead vocals.

The mini-box set and a vinyl release of the new songs are exclusively available here:


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