VAGUE — Bored

The 4 piece indie rock band VAGUE from North East England issued their debut E.P. ‘Bored’…

VAGUE - stirring, youthful and rebellious ...
VAGUE – stirring, youthful and rebellious …

We had a listen:

Spiky “Indulge Me” is quick and neat. With clamant vocals and pinpricks of guitar that puncture the beefy rhythms.

A bawdy bass slurs along the backbone. This is more effervescent than taking an icy shower at the Hardraw Force.

She’s So Sweet” is chatty & glassy with kind rivulets of guitar and grinning vocals that sometimes seem to become so ardent in their belief that they might rip open your gusset.

This EP is filled with stirring, youthful and rebellious Brit-rock with an authentic & enduring garage band mentality and songs that seem inspired by the Golden Age of original English rhythm and blues.

You can get hold of the material here:

Story to Tell


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