Brudini in Clerkenwell, London by Anne-Line Nygaard

BRUDINI — Radiant Man

The noir-experimental London-based artist, singer and songwriter BRUDINI is an incomparable voice on Soho’s bohemian arts scene… We thought his “Reflections” were “soothing & fungally expanding…” and we have compared his music-craft to the much-loved Scott Walker. And last year’s “Emotional Outlaw” was, “deliciously expressive and eloquently smeary, without being filthy…

Brudini From Darkness, Light
Vocals of amaretto and anise bring a slightly lemony & slightly introspective nuance…

So we’re pleased to review “Radiant Man” a new track and the latest single to be taken from a forthcoming album “From Darkness, Light” due 15 May 2020. It’s a song-story for our times: about a person (every-person?) fighting against tidal waves of personal crisis. Yet, in crisis, we find an “enduring human spirit emerges and brings us closer…

So, what starts out as a series of soft, summercloud rhythms, played on an acoustic guitar, soon blossoms into a larger and more majestic stroll through a loftier landscape.

With a patter of bottlebrush drums (courtesy of Derin Bayhan) and decorated with a pleasantly tinkling lounge piano., this is an elegant and graceful piece of poetry, with skillfully judged vocals that are neither sweet and sour — just amaretto and anise — to bring a slightly lemony and slightly introspective nuance.

Radiant Man is the 4th single from forthcoming debut album From Darkness, Light which is finally due for release on May 15th

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©
Main photo: credit Anne-Line Nygaard

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