BRUDINI — Emotional Outlaw

The magical nomad & noir experimental singer/songwriter BRUDINI is an incomparable voice on Soho’s bohemian arts scene… We thought his “Reflections” were “soothing & fungally expanding…” and compared his music-craft to Scott Walker.

Brudini – from here there’s no going back…

Now he’s released a song that’s about stamping down aspects of your own identity, because if you make them public, you might be afraid of what will happen…

So, in a unique collaboration between Brudini and New York based fashion photographer Fabrizio del Rincon, the video for ‘Emotional Outlaw‘ [shared below] sees the musician crashing into an androgynous and highly ambiguous persona — played by queer model Didi Fredrika — who takes-on the role of soulmate, muse, demon and even, perhaps, a personification of the repressed aspects of the artist himself.

The number begins with increasingly dangerous drums before the intrepid & translucent voice declares its plea. Halfway, there is an unfriendly buzz and a shriek that seems to indicate some kind of turning point has been reached: as if from here there is no turning back. After that, low notes and reflexive keys shimmer & frolic with the listener’s own perspectives.

This is deliciously expressive and eloquently smeary, without being filthy…

Emotional Outlaw is the second single from the forthcoming debut album, From Darkness Light

Words: @neilmach 2019 ©


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