North America band

NORTH AMERICA — My Baby’s No One’s Girl

The five-piece east London band NORTH AMERICA make groovy indie rock with 60’s spirit.

North America - Photo Credit Flore Diamant
North America – bright harmonies & faltering guitar notes… Photo Credit Flore Diamant

Comprising of São Paulo & California raised front-man P.F. Phillip (vocals, guitar) Gabe Coulter (guitar) Jack Rennie (guitar) Sandro Giacometti (bass & production) and Sam Roberts (drums) their new song: “My Baby’s No One’s Girl” is a warning about failing to seize the possibilities offered by the prize of love.

Front-man P.F. Phillip offers up husked and chocolatey expression that never becomes artificially maudlin — while guitars accumulate to the gently hoofing beat. There are bright harmonies and faltering guitar notes a-plenty and these seem muted in the sweet light of this nuanced number.

This is the kind of quality Britpop that will heal a lonely heart.

File alongside: The Lightning Seeds, The Veils

Words: @neilmach 2019 ©


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