ENNIELOUD has released a fresh dollop of nu-soul — an exaltation to the band’s North London neighborhood — and mixed by Beau Vallis (Kelly Rowland, Pharrell).

EnnieLoud – will make you feel glitzy all day…

The multicultural love song “In My Room” is a song about: “Freedom. It’s about a dimension where you can find the input to create art. It’s about Wood Green — the place that has adopted us…” say the band.

Comprising of singer/songwriter Cassandra [Raffaele] with Berlin producer/Italian-born DJ BeeOff [Fabio Rizzoli] and guitarist/instrumentalist RossEnnieLoud have been busy gaining international recognition: the band also co-wrote “My Faults” with top Italian DJ Vincenzo Callea, a track that was later remixed by Grammy award-winning producer Yoad Nevo (Goldfrapp, Sia, Moby) and released in Germany and Italy, where it made national radio playlists.

We had a listen to the new single —

ENNIELOUD – fascinating warmth…

Cassandra offers a shaky proclamation when viewing the bustling and heterogeneous streets of North London as seen from “In My Room.” And right away we are hooked by the fascinating warmth of her vocal delivery and a technique that’s reminiscent of Billie Holiday.

The voice is partly frangible / partly indestructible and partly sandpaper / partly silk: perhaps these are characteristics that are required for the inhabitants of the big city. Down below, the synths wrinkle and pucker over the bituminous surface beats. There is also a clappy, meltdown interlude plus a melodious chorus that will make you feel glitzy all day — once you’ve given this a blast.

This is ecologically organic contemporary R&B given with a touch of self-assured flourish.

File alongside: Soul II Soul, Groove Theory

Link: https://www.facebook.com/EnnieLoud/
Words: @neilmach 2019 ©

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