Bringing a wave of bubbly summer vibes to a beach-party near you this August is the debut solo single from the Finnish pop singer JOHANNA KUVAJA with her flirtatious: “Shower”.

JOHANNA KUVAJA – wink wink wittiness…

This track was inspired by JOHANNA’S long-distance love with an Australian guy, and composed during the prime of their relationship.

Shower” was mixed and mastered by the award winning London-based producer SEFI CARMEL, who mixed the work of David Bowie, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars and others.

A music teacher from Tampere, the multi instrumentalist degree-educated musician KUVAJA  is also a lifestyle coach and has a six octave vocal range and a long history of collaborating with renowned Finnish musicians. She’s performed on T.V. in the “Finnish Star” series.

This pulsating, uptempo disco judder is stuffed with swinging sequinned vibes and a typical euro-beat cheerfulness that wouldn’t have been out of place in the 1993 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

So, yeah, there’s ample cheesiness in the wink-wink wittiness. The voice is velvety, the beats are chipper and the ooh-ahs are slinky. So you’ll be tempted to file this antidote to tribulation alongside the likes of Sonia or (given the expanse of the expressive vocal range) the best of Bananarama.


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