Baby Bulldog

BABY BULLDOG — Work on Things

Baby Bulldog is who I am —  a masculine, butch woman making music, writing about women…” says BABY BULLDOG as she releases her video for the new single “Work On Things ” [shared below]

One-woman project: Baby Bulldog
One-woman project: Baby Bulldog

I wrote [it] on a day off from tour. I was home and didn’t wanna leave. It was the first song I wrote as Baby Bulldog because when I finished it everything clicked, I had discovered my sound. It was the beginning of Baby Bulldog. I wrote and produced it in my apt in Silver Lake and the next day I left to continue to tour with Coast Modern. I also really do have a dope down pillow and I love it so much...”

Baby Bulldog (aka multi-instrumentalist Steph Barker) is a one-woman project from Los Angeles via New Hampshire.

Work on Things” is about the feeling of being out on tour when you’d rather be in bed. The sentiment is something we can all relate to and the song structure is as simple as you can imagine, with rattles and taps, a one-string thumbing strum and voices (yes)  that move from hoarse protest to guileless innocence in a flicker.

This is sticky music for the involuntarily immobile.


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