BRUDINI — Reflections

The magical nomad & experimental songwriter BRUDINI is an incomparable voice on Soho’s bohemian arts scene… he has already obtained approval [with his 2017 release The Nightcrawler] from legendary New York punk Danny Fields (manager of Iggy Pop, The Ramones, The Doors, etc.) and is highly regarded for his scholarly approach to music and lyricism.

Brudini – an impetuous rubberband beat & atmospheric reverberation…

He collaborated with Lulu [Lucien ] Gainsbourg (son of the French icon Serge) and was a co-star of Soho underground alt-cabaret with Andy Bell [Erasure] and performed at Tate Britain and headlined last years Blogtober Fest.

On March 22nd he released his single, titled “Reflections” [shared below and taken from his upcoming concept album From Darkness, Light] with its impetuous rubberband beat and atmospheric reverberation. The composed, almost relaxed, low-baritone voice — replete with redeeming nuances — is like listening to a nasally version of Johnny Cash, though with accompaniment from The Tornados, and produced by Joe Meek in his bed-sit studio in the presence of Mandy Rice-Davies, circa 1965.

There is an ambitious awkwardness within this soothing & fungally expanding song. The ragbag of ideas ‘n’ fragments works as a whole, or as a neat collection of specks, and requires repeated listening to be assimilated properly.

File besides the much missed Scott Walker


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