Deep Purple Photo Credit Ben Wolf


Will we need to become spacemen if we want to live disease-free on earth?

On a day that some folk will be putting on life-saving gauntlets, masks, goggles and aprons for work, the dystopian “quiet town” concept of grass growing on city streets isn’t so far-fetched any more, is it?

Deep Purple Woosh
Is the beginning of the next evolutionary step?

And in a prescient new video that foretells the notion of having to wear a space suit to survive (on earth) DEEP PURPLE release their foresighted and portentous video for the track “Man Alive” (from new album “Whoosh!” due 7th August 2020) and it’s a very proggy offering…

The song comes packed with shimmering organ, an implacable riff, an agile lead voice, and some unusual rhythmic journeying, and comes across like Yes meets Moody Blues for a jamming session inside George Hardie’s refracting prism.

Yep, the song is replete with psychedelic sighs of lubricious guitar (Steve Morse) symphonic maturity and keyboard dexterity (Don Airey) miraculous vocals (Ian Gillan) and the legendary back-line of Paice (drums) and Glover (bass) to bring something that is truly mystical.

Is this part of Purple’s long goodbye? Yes, you could say that it is, but there again, maybe this is just the beginning of the next evolutionary step…

Bored with Smoke on the Water and Black Night? Hear this to start your metempsychosis

Woosh! will be released on August 7, 2020 PRE-ORDER NOW


Main image: Photo Credit Ben Wolf

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