Soë Blue

SOË BLUE — Karma

The 23 year old Swiss soul-pop, funk and blues chanteuse SOË BLUE from Zurich has issued ‘Karma‘ from her amazing full modulation “Faith” EP.

Soë Blue
Soë Blue – sobriety & grandeur

The track is filled with smoky sugar-cheroot alto vocals, but can move into the acidly plummy realm of contralto at the drop of a silk hat.

Karma is a wonderfully crafted, fully relaxed,  song with appetizing keys and lighthearted rhythms — but it is the sobriety and grandeur of the lower register voice that will catch your heartstrings and won’t let go. . .

Other big songs on the new EP include ‘Totally Confused‘ with a snare beat and choppy riffs. This is jazzy and bouncy with melted chocolate vocals. And ‘I’m Ready‘ which is an R&B chortle with bright oboe vocals and some squeezy / funky instrumentation.

File alongside: Rumer



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