Interview with VEGA

The magnificent, stadium-igniting anthemic-rock band VEGA will release their album “Grit Your Teeth” on Friday 12th June 2020.

From the evidence of their recent single “(I Don’t Need) Perfection” (video shared below) we can be sure it will be stuffed-full of amazing riffology, fastball percussion, tournedos* of bass and resilient-emotional vocals that bring exhortatory lyrics…

So we were pleased to chat with the VEGA lead singer and frontman, Nick Workman about creating the album and life, generally, in the VEGA camp:

RAWRAMP: Hi Nick, where is Melodic Rock right now, do you think?

“I think it is doing okay but these days with it being so easy to record and release music means that there is quantity rather than quality. There are some bands out there who probably have never set foot in a proper studio and that’s sad for them. It’s a great experience.”

RAWRAMP: We think we spotted some glamorous Bonfire-like vibes, a slice of Papa Roach, and more than a fair dollop of Def Leppard on the title track “Grit Your Teeth” What really inspires you from those days?

VEGA lead singer and frontman, Nick Workman
“We just needed it to sound F***ing huge!!”
VEGA lead singer and frontman, Nick Workman

“Never had the Bonfire reference before but I love the Fireworks album so I’m happy with that. I love all those bands you mentioned and yeah, they will always be an inspiration. But we aren’t trying to re-live or recreate 80’s rock because that was a moment in time that is impossible to re-live/re-do. These days I love bands like The Rival Sons, Slash, Shinedown and loads of other I can’t think of right now. Haha! I still love listening to old school rock when I’m cooking and doing stuff around the house. It’s comforting somehow haha.”

RAWRAMP: “Grit Your Teeth” has a kinda “David and Goliath” lyrical message, but who could be our hero now?

“It doesn’t matter who it is, he or she will get ripped to shreds by anyone whose way of life maybe made less convenient. Look at Greta fighting for the environment. She has a voice and is using like she should be able to and grown men and women rip her to pieces. Even if they don’t agree they should be able to respect that a 16-year-old is doing what she is doing. And yes, GYT is very much David and Goliath and that is also represented in the cover of the album.”

RAWRAMP: Tell us about constructing your songs.

“Tom and James will come up with some music, send it to me and I will do all the vocals and lyrics over it. I’ll suggest some musical ideas and they will suggest vocal ideas. It’s all very natural and we don’t “try” to write any particular kind of song. We just go with what comes out of us. For every album with 11 songs we love we will have written another 12 that we didn’t think were good enough.”

RAWRAMP: You’ve toured with Skid Row, Last in Line, FM, Magnum, Joe Elliott’s Down and Outz, Dan Reed Network etc. What were the stand-out concert moments?

VEGA Grit Your Teeth
“The general heavier sound that may not please everyone…”
VEGA Grit Your Teeth

“There are so many good moments because we have got on fantastic with all the bands we have toured with. We have always had plenty of hanging out time with them as well. For me the standout moment is the fact that I can count people like Joe Elliott and Dan Reed (who have been heroes of mine) as friends. I would happily grace any stage with anyone who invites me up onto it. Haha! But obviously you have legends such as Ozzy, Maiden, Whitesnake and Slash that would be dreams come true.”

RAWRAMP Tell us about the new album. We understand you’ve been working with “The Graves Brothers” at Innersound — what do Sam & Joe bring to the new Vega sound?

“That’s it, the sound! That’s what we wanted from them. We had the songs and the arrangements, we just needed it to sound F***ing huge!! They got the best out of all of us in the band too. I think we are all performing better than we ever have. They were very on point and didn’t miss a thing. A slight bum note, timing, not quite the vibe…they nailed it. When it came to the mix Joe asked what we wanted and we said, “we want you to do what you do”. We would have just taken it down the tried and tested route and the point of using them was to add to the VEGA flavor.”

RAWRAMP: You’ve been quoted as saying you have taken a few risks” with this album — would you care to elaborate?

“Using the Graves for starters. But I think it’s more to do with songs like Man on a Mission, the opera section of Battles ain’t a war and the general heavier sound that may not please everyone.”

RAWRAMP: Do you think making music can be therapeutic?

“It is yes. I can listen to an album and let it take me back to when I first heard it. When you hear a song come on the radio you will always remember certain times you heard that song and that means that song must have had an emotional impact because it doesn’t happen with every song.”

RAWRAMP: Congratulations on a splendid and exciting new album and we wish you every success with the release…

* butt-end cuts

VEGA were talking to @neilmach 2020 ©


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