JADU HEART — Walk The Line

The British (Bristol based) dream-pop duo JADU HEART comprising of the mythologically bemasked Dina & Faro (actually Diva Jeffery & Alex Headford) have announced their sophomore album and a new single “Walk The Line” to titillate the eardrums prior to release date.

JADU HEART – the voices are soft, purring, perhaps slightly weakened by effort…

Their “Hyper Romance” is due September 25 and “Walk The Line” [shared below] furnishes an indication of what to expect from the long-play : clever conjugations, mingled interpenetration and a sense of tranquilized pandemonium.

Like a few songs from the album, it’s about growing older…” they say. “When we met, we would spend a lot of time locked away with the common symptoms of a confused teenager going through an existential crisis. We’ve calmed down a lot now.

Against a gently combed strum and some curious wiggles, the voices are soft, purring, perhaps slightly weakened by effort, but gently rising to the height of the clouds. The electric guitar line is a velvet tendon and the squawks in the soundscape signal the common confusions of a partnership that has its trade-offs (right?) but the bonds of synergy and sentiment remain unbroken.

Hyper Romance is due September 25 2020

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jaduheart/

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