KIRK FLETCHER — My Blues Pathway

The Fabulous Thunderbirds Los Angeles-based American electric-blues guitarist, singer/songwriter KIRK FLETCHER is known for his soulful playing and unique interpretations of contemporary blues.

My Blues Pathway
My Blues Pathway – sparkles of guitar pop across like tiger moths caught in sunglow..

He issues his sixth album “My Blues Pathway” on September 25th, 2020 via Cleopatra Records.

The disc features some tasty originals along with re-imagined tributes of timeless blues classics by Sonny Boy Williamson, Chris Cain, A C Reed and Juke Boy Bonner.

The first single to be taken from the album, titled “No Place To Go” (video shared below) co-written with the legendary Robert Cray bassist Richard Cousins, is out now.

The song is about the struggles of success, sometimes at the expense of what life is really about,” says Kirk. “It about self-empowerment and what a person’s view of happiness means, whether, it is a house on a hill or a meal for the day to survive.”

He added: “ (on this album) it was important for me to include some covers. I wanted to shine a spotlight on some of my favorite blues artists including Sonny Boy Williamson, Chris Cain, AC Reed and Juke Boy Bonner...”

My Blues Pathway is an album about celebrating the music that got me excited about playing blues from the beginning of my career and the musicians that inspired me. My path led me straight back to the Blues.”

We had a listen:

No Place to Go” has a super-twangy funk beat and a hot and slubberingly torpescent attitude. That’s not to say that the sparkles of guitar don’t pop across the piece like tiger moths caught in sunglow. Sloomy!

I’d Rather Fight Than Switch” written by A.C. Reed is a jaunty blues number with a vintage feel and a dandyish jerk. It has pin-stripe rhythms and some elegantly pomaded guitar-work you’ll find super swishy.

And Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Fattening Frogs For Snakes” is a clammy stroll along the levee, with fuggy, duck-call guitar squawks and alligator snaps of rhythm.

This is a dittybag of slumbering coochie!

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

My Blues Pathway Kirk Fletcher to be released on CD Friday 25th September 2020.


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