Piston © Rob Blackham

PISTON — Let Us Rise

British five piece outfit PISTON retool the virtues of 1970s hard rock — Free, Montrose, and Black Diamond era Kiss — repositioning those juicy vintage sounds for a contemporary market.

The scurrilous percussion, throaty riffs and all-encompassing bass rhythms come with muscled vocals. Experiencing their output is like: “Washing your body with Old Spice, devouring a juicy steak, drinking a yard of beer and fighting off a grizzly...

Piston - Let Us Rise
Let Us Rise – the scurrying guitar riff recalls the feverish tension of uncompensated labor…

They released their new single “Let Us Rise” on Friday August 14, 2020 and have now launched the exciting music video for the number (shared below) —

Lead singer, Rob Angelico says – “As humans we all have to progress, and we can deal with anything together. ”

“We need to show love right now more than ever. The only race that matters is humanity. Let’s rise, come together, and become one...”

The song taps into the notion (we must all feel) that the days of 9-5 are over (what a way to earn a living!). Now is the time to mobilize against wage slavery.

So, the voice is ignipotent, the scurrying guitar riff recalls the feverish tension of uncompensated labor, and the booming drums remind us that “the man” sets the rules and demands from us ever-larger flasks of blood from the stone…

This is a terrific piece of rock ‘n’ roll rally-calling that perfectly encapsulates the growing groundswell…

File alongside: Rival Sons

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

Main image: © Rob Blackham

Grab the Let Us Rise (J.C.T Radio Remix) HERE
Link: https://www.facebook.com/PistonUK/

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