Outlaw Orchestra Photo Credit Bradley Bowers of BCB Media


The bluegrasstone, countryweight rock ‘n’ roll quartet THE OUTLAW ORCHESTRA released their 2020 album “Pantomime Villains” on 29th May.

Their sounds are as authentic as a slice of homemade apple pie (albeit baked in the “deep south” of England, actually Southampton) and come packed with clever rockabilly rhythms, intricate guitar entanglements, agility of voice, and fluid finesse in musicality.

It Happened Again by The Outlaw Orchestra
It Happened Again by the Outlaw Orchestra
might comfort anyone else who suffers from a comparable “six-string addiction”

And now the Orchestra, that brings together David Roux (guitars/lead vocals), Ryan Smith (drums/percussion/vocals), Pete Briley (banjo/lap steel/vocals), and Alex Barter (double bass/vocals) have released their next single from the album, titled ‘It Happened Again’.

The band explains the roots of the new song: “Dave had double parked outside a music shop to ‘just grab some strings’. Five minutes later, he returned with an £800 acoustic guitar and a set of strings. He explained to his missus, “It just happened!

Pete texted Dave to explain that on a direct route from Maidstone to Poole he took an accidental 40-mile detour to a music store to ‘just look’ at an eighteen hundred pound lap steel guitar. Minutes later Dave received a text: “It’s happened… again”.

Finally a musician pal of theirs – Buzzy James, who lives in Long Beach, California – told the boys he had saved all his back tax he owed to his accountant. He drove to deliver it, but en route passed a music store… Half an hour later he’d magically turned that tax money into a new Les Paul Guitar. It doesn’t matter if its guitars, cars, motor bikes or shoes: it’s an addiction and it happens again and again!

The buzzy confessional brings a guggle of gargling guitars together with a congenial beat to comfort anyone else who might suffer from a comparable “six-string addiction.”

The music video (shared below) is cordwained from studio footage, accumulated by Pete when he’s not foraging for ill-gotten six-string substances…

Steal a man’s wallet and he’ll be poor for a week. Teach him music and how to buy instruments and he’ll be poor for the rest of his life…”

Yes, music is a fool’s game. It’s for dummies, addicts and junkies! At least the Outlaw Orchestra have the good sense to acknowledge their habit!

Pantomime Villains by The Outlaw Orchestra is OUT NOW

Link: https://www.facebook.com/theoutlaworchestra/

Main image: Photo Credit Bradley Bowers of BCB Media

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