The debut album from the London based British blues-rock duo WHEN RIVERS MEET titled ‘We Fly Free’ is being prepped for pre-order.

The Mr & Mrs duo, comprising of resonator mandolin girl Grace Bond (also vox & fiddle) with accomplished guitarman Aaron Bond deliver soulful, buzzy, blues.

When Rivers Meet
When Rivers Meet – create a tapestry of energetic sound…

Their unique vocal approach to songwriting, with grungy electric guitar, and slippery mandolin, creates a contemporary ‘n’ minimalist blues-rock sound that seems inspired by British originators such as Free, Bad Company, and Cream — but also comes with hints of vintage 1930s blues.

With an unconventional dueling format for their live performances, gritty musicality and eloquent, interwoven vocal harmonies, they create a tapestry of energetic sound.

While traveling the byways of Britain over 2019 in a self-converted camper, completing an impressive touring schedule, the duo wrote and delivered their first EP titled, ‘Innocence Of Youth’ and began to compile material for the forthcoming album ‘We Fly Free’ (available for pre-order from September 6th)

Songs such as “My Babe Says That He Loves Me” have a giddy twang and triumphant thump. The voices are boisterous and feisty.

The duo are currently streaming live EVERY Saturday. Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/whenriversmeet/

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