Interview with TWISTER

TWISTER release their debut album “Cursed & Corrected” on Friday 13th November 2020. They create colossal sounds that are judiciously executed, intelligent and melancholic!

We had a chat with the Durham-based, English classic rock band about their year and making the album:

RAWRAMP: Congratulations on a super album. It was recorded, produced and mixed by the brilliant Tony Draper. What was it like working with “The Piper”, i.e. the man behind the desk for Coldplay, Elbow, Doves?

“Well thank you very much. We’ve worked with Tony a few times in the past and he’s excellent at what he does but above all he’s a great bloke to work with. We went into the recording process with everyone knowing what we wanted to achieve and I think we’ve got exactly what we wanted.”

RAWRAMP: Tell us about the thoughts behind your new single titled “64 White Lies” — what does it mean? How did the song come to life?

“64 is a song that came from 2 different parts. The first of which was Jake’s fabulous guitar riff and the second was the lyric ‘We came and we conquered, got drunk and fell asleep.’ I loved that line. Basically the song is about life and no matter what is thrown at you always stay true to yourself and believe in what you’re doing.”

RAWRAMP: Have you enjoyed doing your Facebook live broadcasts throughout the year?

“One things for sure, it’s definitely been challenging. The live streams we’ve been doing have really kept us connected to our fans. We even started an online pub for mutual music lovers to chat about music and play drinking games together. It was a lot of fun. Not quite the same but definitely something to remember. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can chat in person with them all at a show.

RAWRAMP: Stevie & Jake have been doing acoustic shows (in bars around Lindos) tell us about how that opportunity came about and about the experience…

“We’ve been to Lindos a couple of times as a full band and the shows were absolutely amazing. When we got offered the chance to head back we jumped at it. Go where the work is they say.”

RAWRAMP: Can you think of any other safe and remote way that fans can enjoy your shows?

“We are always trying to reach more people and though the lockdown has held us back in some ways our social media has boomed. We are doing a Live Video Album stream on November 6th free to all of our socials where we will play our album in it’s entirety with our full stage show. We absolutely can’t wait.

RAWRAMP. That’s great. And what else is in the pipeline?

“We intend to try and get some smaller socially distanced gig booked in and try and keep working as much as we can so we are fighting fit for our European tour with The Quireboys next year. The busier the better.”

Thanks Twister


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