Lee Ritenour

Dreamcatcher From LEE RITENOU is Polished Syntony

The Californian master jazz guitarist LEE RITENOU — who first played professionally on recording sessions with the Mamas & the Papas (aged 16) — and who has created his distinctive jazz-funk sounds since the 1970s, has released a new album in this, his fifth decade in music. His first prominent success was with the GRAMMY nominated  “The Captain’s Journey” (his sixth studio album, 1978.)

His many accolades include: 16 Grammy nominations, Alumnus of the year at USC, Los Angeles’ Jazz Society Honoree (2019), plus thousands of recording sessions with legends like Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, B.B. King, Tony Bennett, etc

Lee is best-known amongst prog-rock cognoscenti as the guy who was “brought in” back in 1979 to “beef up” Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell” track (on The Wall.)

Now the legendary guitarist releases “Dreamcatcher” out via The Players Club at Mascot Label Group.


The title track “Dreamcatcher” (visualizer shared below) contains a multitude of generously shaped tones. It’s peach & mahogany vibes remind us, rhythmically at least, of highquality bossa nova, perhaps in homesick character and in the beautifully organized unfolding.

While “Charleston” is a molten dream, with fingerbreadth sighs across lustrous pinnacles and spurs hidden in the polished syntony. Gorgeous!

The new album “Dreamcatcher” is released Dec 4th, worldwide.

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/LeeRitenourMusic

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